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Staging Elfriede Jelinek in Australia: Poetics - Ethics - Politics

Staging Elfriede Jelinek in Australia: Poetics - Ethics - Politics
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Autor / Hrsg.: André Bastian
Titel: Staging Elfriede Jelinek in Australia. Poetics - Ethics - Politics
Reihen-Titel: Transpositionen: Australische Studien zur deutschen Literatur, Philosophie und Kultur / Transpositions: Australian Studies in German Literature, Philosophy and Culture
Reihen-Hrsg.: Hrsg. von / Ed. by Franz-Josef Deiters, Alison Lewis, Yixu Lü, Peter Morgan.
Band: 9
Jahr: 2016
ISBN: 978-3-86110-599-2
Weitere Angaben: Hardcover, 368 Seiten, mit 2 DVDs
Schlagworte: Elfriede Jelinek
Erscheinungsdatum: September 2016

The study at hand discusses comprehensively a range of poetical, ethical and political questions involved in the staging of Elfriede Jelinek’s Princess Dramas [Prinzessinnendramen] as the Austrian Nobel Prize for Literature winner’s first work on the Australian stage. Introducing the ‘poetic of an arriving artist’ as a productive approach to staging Jelinek’s plays internationally, the author of this study, and director of the production, consequently scrutinises this poetic’s grounding in a poststructural reconception of the ‘palimpsest’ as a dramaturgical figure of thought. He points to the danger of unintentionally causing disempowering effects through emancipatory strategies of empowerment and eventually comes up with a series of timely proposals for effective and responsible artistic activity in 21st century immigration societies of an ever-globalising world. Engaging with Jelinek’s mythoclastic work serves thus as a highly relevant springboard for giving new impulses to current debates on artistic freedom, political correctness, diasporic art production and Australian discourses of indigeneity.

ANDRÉ BASTIAN studied Performance Studies and Spanish Philology in Melbourne (Australia) and Granada (Spain). He is a theatre practitioner (director, dramaturge, author, translator) and theorist and earned his doctorate at Monash University in Melbourne (Australia).


Staging Elfriede Jelinek in Australia – Preliminary Remarks

Part One: Before the Staging - The Aesthetics (or Poetics) of Staging a Play

I. The ‘Poetics of an Arriving Artist’
1. Creative homesickness as a motor for cultural transfer
2. Elfriede Jelinek as an ‘unknown’ literary celebrity
3. From ‘intertextuality’ to ‘palimpsest’
4. Re-framing ‘relevance’, re-focussing ‘audience’, re-naming ‘actance’

Part Two: The Production
The Materiality of the Performance

II. DVD 1: Princess Dramas [Full Run]
1. Credits
2. Music and video projections in order of appearance

III. DVD 2: Princess Dramas [Additional Material]
1. Track descriptions

Part Three: After the Staging - Ethics (and Politics) of Staging a Play

IV. Staging Jelinek’s Princess Dramas in Australia – Dangerous Decisions and Multiple Circumstances
1. Artistic statement and ethical implications
2. Theatre as a powerful place for ‘radical democracy’
3. Decisions and their context(s) – Staging Princess Dramas in Melbourne (Australia)
4. The mise-en-scène/staging or die Inszenierung
5. Ethical dangers – Violence and “the right thing to do”
6. Policies, subsidies and necessities

V. ‘The Artist’ as (Civilising) Leader or (Moral) Outlaw – The Self-Image as Theatre Maker at the Intersection of Philosophy, Law and Politics
1. Relevance as a product of self-description – From the artist as representative of a universal entity to art as a social system
2. The instability of democratic values – Self-censorship and artistic decisions

VI. A Conclusion and an Afterthought – Arriving as Palimpsestuous Process
1. Conclusion: The role of the artist in liberal democracy
2. An afterthought: Destabilising without erasing

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