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Groteske Moderne - Moderne Groteske

Groteske Moderne - Moderne Groteske
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Autor / Hrsg.: Franz-Josef Deiters, Axel Fliethmann, Christiane Weller (Hrsg.)
Titel: Groteske Moderne - Moderne Groteske. - Festschrift für Philip Thomson / Festschrift for Philip Thomson
Reihen-Titel: Transpositionen: Australische Studien zur deutschen Literatur, Philosophie und Kultur / Transpositions: Australian Studies in German Literature, Philosophy and Culture
Reihen-Hrsg.: Hrsg. von / Ed. by Franz-Josef Deiters, Alison Lewis, Yixu Lü, Peter Morgan.
Band: 3
Jahr: 2011
ISBN: 978-3-86110-492-6
Weitere Angaben: Broschur, 430 Seiten
Schlagworte: Thomson, Philip
Erscheinungsdatum: März 2011
The contributions in this volume have aimed at addressing some of Philip Thomson’s many topics of interest. Margaret A. Rose, Walter F. Veit, David Roberts, Silke Beinssen-Hesse, Brian Nelson and Kate Rigby have explored the various shades of the grotesque, of irony and parody. In reference to Philip Thomson’s love of the theatre the reader will find some food for thought in the articles of Gerhard Fischer, Franz-Josef Deiters, Robert Savage and Michael Morley. Investigations into 20th century film and literature are advanced by John Milfull, Alan Corkhill, Roger Hillman, Robin Gerster, Alison Lewis, and Christiane Weller, while Tim Mehigan’s, Andrew Milner’s and Axel Fliethmann’s articles are devoted to questions of theory. Political and societal issues are addressed by Peter Morgan, Marko Pavlyshyn and the late Michael Clyne. Leslie Bodi and Doug Muecke round off this collection with a personal note and two poems respectively.


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